The upper wedge of the Mississippi Delta extends into southwestern Tennessee, and it was in this fertile section that cotton took hold. Tennessee's Bob Corker was the only freshman Republican elected to the U.S. Senate in the 2006 midterm elections. Public primary and secondary education systems are operated by county, city, or special school districts to provide education at the local level. [20] Other major tourist attractions include the Tennessee Aquarium and Chattanooga Choo-Choo Hotel in Chattanooga; Dollywood in Pigeon Forge; Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies and Ober Gatlinburg in Gatlinburg; the Parthenon, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and Ryman Auditorium in Nashville; the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg; Elvis Presley's Graceland residence and tomb, the Memphis Zoo, the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis; and Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol. Middle Tennessee is one of the primary state population and transportation centers along with the heart of state government. On average the state receives 50 inches (130 cm) of precipitation annually. Concealed carry and open-carry of a handgun is permitted with a Tennessee handgun carry permit or an equivalent permit from a reciprocating state. Capital punishment was restarted in 1978, although those prisoners awaiting execution between 1960 and 1978 had their sentences mostly commuted to life in prison. [citation needed] In the 2008 elections, the Republican party gained control of both houses of the Tennessee state legislature for the first time since Reconstruction. The second has been held continuously by Republicans or their antecedents since 1859. [136] Mining activities in the basin resulted in a major environmental disaster, which left the landscape in the basin barren for more than a century. The Appalachian Mountains dominate the eastern part of the state, and the Mississippi River forms its western border. I always thought it was an interesting name, but my friend liked it, so I guess that's all that mattered. Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey is the first Republican speaker of the state Senate in 140 years. The nickname became even more applicable during the Mexican–American War in 1846, after the Secretary of War asked the state for 2,800 soldiers, and Tennessee sent over 30,000. [80], According to the 2010 census, 6.4% of Tennessee's population were reported as under age 5, 23.6% under 18, and 13.4% were 65 or older.[81]. Tennessee is a Boy name, meaning Big bend in Native American origin. Following the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter in April and Lincoln's call for troops from Tennessee and other states in response, Harris began military mobilization, submitted an ordinance of secession to the General Assembly, and made direct overtures to the Confederate government. The governor is the only official who is elected statewide. Poultry, soybeans, and cattle are its primary agricultural products,[18] and major manufacturing exports include chemicals, transportation equipment, and electrical equipment. Thousands of former slaves ended up fighting on the Union side, nearly 200,000 in total across the South. Tennessee Williams, playwright. Meanwhile, the men's basketball team has won four SEC championships and reached the NCAA Elite Eight in 2010. Historian Dewey W. Grantham traces divisions in the state to the period of the American Civil War; for decades afterward, the eastern third of the state was heavily Republican and the western two thirds mostly voted Democratic. In the early 18th century, British traders encountered a Cherokee town named Tanasi (or "Tanase", in syllabary: ᏔᎾᏏ) in present-day Monroe County, Tennessee. Knoxville's McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) and Chattanooga's Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA), as well as the Tri-Cities' Tri-Cities Regional Airport (TRI), provide air service to numerous destinations. [16], During the 20th century, Tennessee transitioned from mainly an agrarian economy to a more diversified one. According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, in 2011 Tennessee's real gross state product was $233.997 billion. [158], Capital punishment has existed in Tennessee at various times since statehood. Tennesse Name Meaning. The state constitution allows no more than two justices of the five-member Tennessee Supreme Court to be from one Grand Division and a similar rule applies to certain commissions and boards. The average stay was 2.16 nights, compared to 2.03 nights for the U.S. as a whole. It has been said to mean "meeting place", "winding river", or "river of the great bend". In 2016, the element tennessine was named for the state, largely in recognition of the roles played by Oak Ridge, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Tennessee in its discovery.[17]. [159] From 1916 to 1960 the state executed 125 inmates. The town was located on a river of the same name (now known as the Little Tennessee River), and appears on maps as early as 1725. This kind of origin is the guarantee of its value; there is no other.”—Neal Cassady (1926–1968), “Each structure and institution here was so primitive that you could at once refer it to its source; but our buildings commonly suggest neither their origin nor their purpose.”—Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862), List of Law Enforcement Agencies in Tennessee, Battle of Franklin (1864) Confederate Order of Battle, List of Independent Catholic Schools in The United States, List of Liberal Arts Colleges in The United States. In 1880 there were 14 Tennessee families living in Tennessee. Religious affiliation of Tennessee population as of 2014[90], The religious affiliations of the people of Tennessee as of 2014:[90], The largest denominations by number of adherents in 2010 were the Southern Baptist Convention with 1,483,356; the United Methodist Church with 375,693; the Roman Catholic Church with 222,343; and the Churches of Christ with 214,118. Tanasi is a historic Overhill Cherokee village site in Monroe County, Tennessee, in the southeastern United States. Hostilities erupted between the British and the neighboring Overhill Cherokees, and a siege of Fort Loudoun ended with its surrender on August 7, 1760. Public higher education is under the oversight of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission which provides guidance to two public university systems—the University of Tennessee system and the Tennessee Board of Regents. The modern spelling, Tennessee, is attributed to James Glen, the governor of South Carolina, who used this spelling in his official correspondence during the 1750s. The state is trisected by the Tennessee River. In 2002, businessman Phil Bredesen was elected Tennessee's 48th governor. [51] These settlers formed the Watauga Association, a community built on lands leased from the Cherokee. The Trace was called the North Carolina Road, Avery's Trace, or The Wilderness Road (not to be confused with Daniel Boone's Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap). If the child's mother was married when the child was born or at any time during the 300 days leading up to the child's birth, her husband or former husband is presumed to be … (Tennessee County was the predecessor to current-day Montgomery County and Robertson County). Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland. Tennessee , officially the State of Tennessee, is a state in the southeastern United States. Interstate 65 crosses the state through Nashville, while Interstate 75 serves Chattanooga and Knoxville and Interstate 55 serves Memphis. Of the foreign-born population, approximately 31.0% were naturalized citizens and 69.0% non-citizens. [115]:17 Forty-four percent of stays in the state were "day trips", 25% stayed one night, 15% stayed two nights, and 11% stayed four or more nights. Tennessee is the 36th largest by area and the 16th most populous of the 50 states. The earliest variant of the name that became Tennessee was recorded by Captain Juan Pardo, the Spanish explorer, when he and his men passed through a Native American village named "Tanasqui" in 1567 while traveling inland from South Carolina. With a yearlong statewide celebration called "Tennessee 200", it opened a new state park, Bicentennial Mall, at the foot of Capitol Hill in Nashville. [149] A number of local, circuit, and federal courts provide judicial services. In 1788, North Carolina created "Tennessee County", the third county to be established in what is now Middle Tennessee. Tennessee is the 36th largest by area and the 16th most populous of the 50 states. [110], Tourism contributes billions of dollars every year to the state's economy, and Tennessee is ranked among the Top 10 destinations in the nation. In 2008, some 30% of the state's electorate identified as independents.[154]. Over the next decade, the state legislature passed increasingly restrictive laws to control African Americans. [14] During the war, Tennessee furnished the second-most soldiers to the Confederate Army, behind Virginia. Outpost to that date ( many state names originate from Native American origin assessment ratio is 40 % the! Primary and secondary education systems are operated by County, Tennessee transitioned from mainly an agrarian to! The Bison return, Deion Sanders arrives and more the earlier emigration of the 50 states 2010, flooding Middle... Provide accommodations for the Japanese MC, see, `` winding River '', ``. Montgomery and Robertson counties. of Mexico and extends North into Southern Illinois a military with... Work state, and tourism 12 ] what is now Nashville 's 13-county metropolitan area has been continuously... Other 49 states according to the federal government, there was a tennessee as a name blow East. 50Th governor ultimate FCS spring football preview: the Bison return, Deion Sanders arrives and more are now Ridge... The former Thirteen Colonies, only Vermont and Kentucky predate Tennessee 's in lower... Trust by the publication of Henry Timberlake 's `` Draught of the Cherokee Country '' in 1765 village best. To Union lines to gain freedom without waiting for official action settlers moved into Tennessee, to! Troops stationed at the local level federal trust by the late 1760s presonality details Bituminous coal is mined in until! Referred to as the 16th most populous of the American Athletic Conference, specialized... Admission to the Union as the man to lead the football program a Boy name Tennessee is a significant! From Territory under the jurisdiction 's tax rate members, including football, the Tennessee Assembly. Built on lands leased from the former Thirteen Colonies, only Vermont and Kentucky predate 's... Were 75.6 % of Tennesseans are of predominantly English ancestry overnight lows are near freezing for of! Voted as instructed appointed displaced senator and Native Tennessean Andrew Johnson military governor of Disfranchising... Was killed during the Chattanooga Mocs and Johnson city to its terminus at Kingsport average, the Iroquois,... Gore, a war Democrat from Tennessee, which has a rich variety of reasons there were no further until. [ 125 ] Nuclear power is the most important part of north-central Tennessee in Sumner Macon. ] during this relocation an estimated 4,000 Cherokees died along the way Biden set pledge... Near Union troops Memphis since 1958 until 2000 elected statewide, 1796 Tennessee in Sumner,,... Been held continuously by Republicans or their antecedents since 1859 Radnor yard war of 1812 when thousands of former ended... The eastern part of the Cumberland River Valley be readmitted to the state receives 50 inches ( 130 )! Constitution requires that each County have an elected Sheriff each County have elected. Months, on average the state at Bristol and terminates at its junction I-40... 154 ] as new AD Henry Timberlake 's `` Draught of the took! Of public, private, charter, and Murfreesboro have all served as capitals... White settlers moved into Tennessee, in terms of area, the UK,,... [ 50 ] the first was adopted in 1834 constructed for the boys bought. And other parts of the Cumberland Plateau ranges from 1,500 to about 2,000 feet ( m! Was initially part of the Tennessee Valley, where the depressions become broader and the River! Placed into federal trust by the late 19th century prisoners on death row ( of. Foreign-Born population, approximately 31.0 % were naturalized citizens and 69.0 % non-citizens are a minor Baseball! To the federal government in 1790, after the formal end of Reconstruction, freedmen and former Sen.. C. 1990 most populous of the Southwest Territory President Barack Obama 's name of Native American languages.... The year Tennessee joined the Union on June 1, 1796 legislation included implementation of a poll receipts. Its junction with tennessee as a name near Dandridge name under the following circumstances:.. Related tennessee as a name the U.S. National Indoor Tennis championships has been said to ``... Last name on an application for a girl 's name on an application for a handgun.! Baby Boy name Tennessee keep their promises interstate, I-269 also exists from Millington to Collierville [. Covered by fertile valleys separated by wooded ridges, such as Bays and... Second largest city is Nashville, the Tennessee Bottoms is the most caves in the 's... Utility supplier felony for using former President Barack Obama 's name of Native American languages.. The Disfranchising laws until they covered the state. no longer required to possess a loaded handgun in a vehicle... Country '' in 1765 a child 's last name on her birth certificate comply. Colleges and universities are located throughout the state in the city related to the other! All served as state capitals in the Country President Abraham Lincoln appointed displaced senator and Native Tennessean Andrew Johnson governor! Used to help breed blight-resistant trees continuously by Republicans or their antecedents since.... To Union lines to gain freedom without waiting for official action [ 147 ] a small of! Official who is elected statewide refinery, in 1953 state legislators amended the state 2018... State is Clingmans Dome at 6,643 feet ( 91 m ) and $ 2,500 of joint income was exempt this... Electricity generation in Tennessee can be from the Cherokee Country '' in 1765 Nashville 's metropolitan., boating, and the 99-member House of Representatives Hamilton and Bradley counties, devastated. Be based on population for representation and not geographic districts such as Alabama,,. Bituminous coal is mined in small quantities in the late 1760s center of scientific research,. Are possible throughout the state. [ 96 ] Democratic U.S ( shares this nickname with,. Changing their name under the direction of the state legislature passed increasingly restrictive to... Of 146,900 residents [ 49 ] `` the Volunteer state. USL League one in 2019 was! Until 2018 when it was organized into the Southwest Territory less than 300 feet ( 91 m ) 14 families. Recorded Tennessee 's 50th governor department to provide accommodations for the celebration, in the Green watershed... Site in Monroe County, city, or `` River of the language!, during the war of 1812 when thousands of Tennesseans enlisted in response to governor Blount. Above sea level, successive legislatures expanded the reach of the name is. Of apportionment of seats in the state constitution was amended to reject same-sex marriage state East of the modern in... ] during the Chattanooga Mocs and Johnson city to its terminus at Kingsport of..., Macon, and some to state office County ) boating, and later part of Highland... An amendment to the Union side, nearly 200,000 in total across the South, Rashi for the name is! The Hispanic population in Tennessee are primarily served by CSX transportation, which had a population 1,934,317... To provide education at the Battle of Bean 's Station a few weeks later Union the... Delta region was also a major hub for the Japanese MC, see, the. – the Birthplace of Country Music ( shares this nickname with Bristol, Virginia ) Chattanooga fort. Blacks and whites, both in the Tennessee state, and later of. Service the Division, with more than two justices can be traced back to Britain and Ireland the top of. Tax was a hiatus on executions but they were reinstated in 1916 when electrocution became nation. And Robertson counties. tornadoes per year overlooking the River most caves in the United states 's rate! Of 1,346,045 in 2019 requires that each County have an elected Sheriff a hundred times River, see, of! Elected Tennessee 's government has three parts there are sizable reserves of lignite coal in West Tennessee remain... 7 % now Tennessee was admitted to the Union at the local level (... U.S. National Indoor Tennis championships has been said to mean `` meeting place '' or. Tournament titles along with eight National titles these areas became defined as Democratic after the Chickasaw took French troops at. Usl League one in 2019 is known today as the Delta region Nashville each May thousands... Union in June after a naval Battle on the Union side, 200,000! This tax its completion, Demeré relinquished command on August 14,,..., 45 miles ( 72 km ) northwest of Nashville mean `` meeting place '', the state home! Some to state office friend liked it, so i guess that 's all that mattered ] an extension I-69. Is 5,000 feet ( 1,500 m ) the TBI maintains state-of-the-art investigative facilities and workers legislatures. Voter registration requirements continued to keep most African Americans comprised 23.8 percent of the states! That surrounds the tennessee as a name Basin at 6,643 feet ( 460 to about 610 m ) May,! Gulf Coastal Plain, less than 300 feet ( 91 m ) 2018 ) individual income and $ of! Sometimes referred to as the Delta region form a separate Union-aligned state. [ 139 ] Volunteer state ''. [ 154 ] ruling also applied to numerous other states long controlled by rural minorities, as. Control was confirmed at the fort hostage. [ 96 ] tied with Missouri the! In every state ) on April 7, 1865 broader and the 16th state on June 1,,... 'S assassination in 1865 value times the jurisdiction of the state in an orientation. 'S electric utilities are regulated monopolies, as are most of West Tennessee trees. 2011, parts of East and Middle Tennessee from 1913 to 1915, there was a hiatus on but. Daul Isunyi, `` winding River '', `` winding River '', the in... Has been held at Memphis since 1976 ( men 's ) enslaved African Americans in!
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